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Appleton Engagement Photographer | Jacqui + Brad

These two asked if they could postpone their engagement photos because they were getting a new pup and wanted to include it in their session. ummmm…yes. of course YES <3 annnnnnd I couldn’t wait to photograph this amazingly fun couple either. Jacqui and Brad joked around their ENTIRE session. I’m pretty sure I actually had…

Green Bay Engagement Photographer | Kraig + Lauren

Kraig and Lauren. Where do I even begin with this duo? I first met Kraig when they wanted to show me an amazing location for their session. I love when couples, and families for that matter, have an idea for a specific location because then you know it means something so much more <3 I’ve…

Appleton Engagement Photographer | Logan + Billy

Meet Logan and Billy <3 they’re just as sweet as they seem. We met on the most perfect summer evening to capture only the beginning of the lifelong journey these two have in store. from the very moment we met, you could see how much they were meant to be!